May 6, 2019

Science Reveals That Men Who Marry Plus-Sized Women Are Much Happier

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If you’re a guy who tends to take a woman’s looks into major consideration when choosing a prospective mate, then you might want to read this article. If you’re like most other men in this world, you’re only going to be physically attracted to ladies who are slimmed down with great figures. Of course, no one can really blame you for being like that. It’s just how you have been conditioned by media and the rest of modern society.


However, science has proven that it would do you some good to be a little more open-minded. Don’t completely shut yourself off to the idea of dating girls who aren’t as slimmed down as you would typically like them to be. Open yourself up to the idea of dating a bigger girl; a plus-sized woman.

Science has shown that if you want to have the happiest life that you could possibly have, it would really help if you choose to marry a woman who is considered to be bigger and meatier than most others. Of course, we all want happiness in our lives. So, it would really help you out to at least read this article in its entirety. There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain here. You only need to maintain an open mind.

There have been many recent studies that have been carried out by leading researchers and various experts on the field. These trained professionals have found that men who were in marriages with women who were considered to be curvy and plus-sized were men who led very happy lives. In fact, in a comparative study, these men who were married to plus-sized women were likely to be 10 times happier than men who married skinny women. Hard to believe? Well, these were the findings of those exhaustive studies. And it can be really hard to argue with science.

These studies also produced some other very surprising results: the same men who were married to plus-sized women were more likely to smile more in a day, and they found that solving problems were a lot easier when compared to those marriages that involved skinnier women. One of the theories behind this phenomenon is that women who were bigger tended to be more anticipatory.

They were women who were really mindful of the needs and expectations of their men. Contrary to popular belief, plus-sized women are more thoughtful in marriages. They are less selfish. They are a woman who is always looking for ways to satisfy their husbands throughout various aspects of their relationship. In short, fatter women tend to be more delightful; hence, the increased happiness of their husbands.

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