Mar 11, 2019

10 Reasons Why Men Find Older Women Irresistible

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Earlier, people were of the view that in a relationship, the woman should be younger than the man. A young man dating an older woman was not acceptable in our society. People always had a knee jerk reaction on finding out that a man is in a relationship with a woman older to him. Confusion rises for a few once men date older girls as it is a bit weird and doesn’t constitute a social group norm. Whereas with women, the criticism falls into two categories. The primary being to accuse the girl of being a gold digger and making it a sugar daddy situation.

Today, people have grown to be more open minded and differences in age do not play any role in marriages anymore. This may sound a little confounding, but many young men are attracted to older women for various reasons.

Scroll down below to see the reasons why younger men found older women more attractive!

1. They are honest and open-minded

One of the reasons why young men find older women attractive is that they are very honest and straight forward in a relationship. They are open-minded and give their partner enough space.

2. They are emotionally mature

Older girls have deep experience of life as they have already been through enough. They very well know how to control their emotions.

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