Feb 14, 2019

Scientists Discover The Connection Between Eye Color and Personality

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A lot of people consider eye color to be a great way to start a conversation. Our eyes can make us look attractive and appealing. However, scientists claim that they have found a way to determine a person’s personality according to their eye color.

The study that tried to discover the link between our iris patterns and our personality, was conducted by researchers at Orebro University in Sweden. The researchers have found out that the same genes that form our frontal lobes affect our eye color. This means that people who have the same eye color share behavioral patterns. If you want to find out what your eye color says about your personality, keep reading.


Dark brown eyes

These people are natural leaders. Their eye color almost looks black and it is extremely rare. They are secretive and mysterious people. According to a study reported by Medical Daily, these people are usually perceived as agreeable. Your eyes are darker because of the high amount of melanin in your body. The melanin works as an insulator for the link between your brain cells, meaning your brain reacts quickly because of the high melanin levels. People with very dark eye color usually drink a lot less than those with lighter color eyes, according to Personality and Individual Differences.

Brown eyes

You are a loyal, respectful, trustworthy and gentle person, but never submissive. According to a study published by Chronobiology International, people with brown eyes generally sleep 2 hours less than those with lighter eyes. They also find it harder to wake up in the morning.

Blue eyes

Blue-eyed people have lots of strength both physical and mental. They are often considered shy, weak or untrustworthy, but this is far from the truth. According to a report made by German psychologists published in The Daily Mail, people with blue eyes are often less-open minded than others and very cautious of new things.

Grey eyes

This eye color is also very rare. Dark grey eyes mean you are either a well-balanced person or the complete opposite, a two-sided coin type of person. You show a different side of you to different people. Your emotions play an important role in how you deal with your personality. Having light grey eyes means you work hard in life to achieve your goals. You always handle people with your guard held high. However, once your shell breaks, you are a loving and caring person.

Hazel eyes

This color is difficult to describe. It got its name because it resembles the color of hazelnut. According to the Eye Doctor Guide, hazel eyes look like they change color from brown to green. It definitely is an uncommon color that usually unique people have. If you have hazel eyes you are probably difficult to read. Your personality is balanced and you tend to avoid jumping to the extremes.

Green eyes

Green eyes are common among sexy, alluring and mysterious people. Those people have just enough melanin to be agreeable but also dominant, and strong but cautious at the same time.

According to doctor Hamadi Kallel, an ophthalmologist, people who have green eyes are creative, original and do well under lots of pressure. He also added that they are self-sufficient and mysterious.


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