Jan 29, 2019

If Your Girl Does One of These 15 Things, Do Not Let Her Go

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NEVER let her go!

The air of this age has been polluted by the uproar of stereotypes that are actually completely baseless. We are all very well aware of the hundreds of stereotypes about everything, ranging from relationships to marriages and divorces. We, as humans, experience different events in life. Some are good and some are bad. What we fail to do is to treat those events as a result of an individual’s actions and decisions. Instead, we generalise those events and the concepts behind them and hence, stereotypes are born which are often really stupid and biased. Well, actually, all of them are stupid and biased.


Talking about the stereotypes regarding men and women and their nature and behavior in relationships, we have got a vast area to cover there too. Men are ˜players’ and only look for sex in a relationship and as soon as they are bored, they move on to the next one: this is according to the stereotypes in a girl’s mind who got cheated on by a jerk and now considers every man the same. We have sympathy for such women and anger for such bastards. But hey, not every guy will dump you like ‘he’ did, making up theories is not a practical thing to do. Likewise, guys are also opinionated about women. If a guy dated a girl who was annoying and clingy to the core of her being, he will generalise all the female species as ˜overly attached’ and ˜too loud to be with’.

It is now believed that young men and women constantly trying to look for a suitable or, more like, perfect companion, are damaging the concept of love as it used to be. While all we all are trying to do is to look for someone who complements our personality, who we can share our good and bad news with. Nothing more, nothing less.

We choose to talk to men in this article and guide them about how to not get ˜tired’ of bad experiences and how to know whether or not she is the right one for you. We know that every girl is different and so is every relationship, but if you see any of these below listed 15 things in the girl you are dating, we say you keep her and your relationship.

1. If She Knows How to Deal with Your Anger:

Everyone has the tendency to be angry, it’s normal; we all just have different lengths to which our calmness can persist. It can be a bit easy for guys who are chill but if you are naturally a short-tempered person and cannot help it, your girlfriend’s way of treating you while you are angry may matter a lot to you. If the girl in your life knows how to deal with your anger instead of being uneasy about it, you have got the perfect person, my friend.

It can be one of her greatest qualities to bring you down from ˜I am going to kill you’ state to ˜Hey, no problem’ state. If not completely calming you down, then just understanding your state and keeping quiet can be of help too. But hey, keep your emotions intact. Try to control your temper, it’s not like she’s someone you can just throw all your anger at because of your inadequacies. Do not test her tolerance level. Sometimes, we lose it and that’s perfectly fine. We’re human.

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