Oct 30, 2018

Two People Who Are Meant To Be Will Always Find Their Way To Each Other

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Relationships can be really weird and mysterious sometimes. There are times wherein they can strike you when you aren’t really expecting them. And then there will be times wherein you will actively pursue love without really having any real shot at finding it. So consider yourself lucky if you do happen to find the love of your life and get into a relationship with them. It can be something that happens almost instantaneously even. It could be something as simple as locking eyes with a stranger from across the room.

It could be a casual introduction made by a mutual friend. You meet someone for the first time and you know that there’s some kind of spark there that you need to see through. You know that it’s the kind of spark that you can’t just ignore. It’s not the kind of spark that you can just turn a blind eye to. It can be a completely random moment in your life – but that doesn’t diminish its significance. Its randomness is going to seem so serendipitous. It might feel like fate is on your side and destiny is writing out a love story for you. You might not even really believe in destiny but you won’t be able to ignore all of the consecutive coincidences that needed to have been fulfilled to get you where you are. These seeming “coincidences” will definitely be enough to overturn all your beliefs.

There are some people who think that fate is something that you make for yourself. They say that you can’t play the role of a spectator in your own life. You have to be going out and taking an active role in shaping the life that you have. There are those who think that you really need to go out and take chances in life in order to make things happen. You actually need to go out and stack the deck to your favor. You need to put a lot of effort into making sure that your life turns out the way that you want it to – and that includes love. There are those who say that if you want love in your life, you need to go out and get it.

When you focus on building yourself as a human being, then you are essentially increasing your chances of actually finding the love of your life. It’s already known that love isn’t something that comes to you when you’re not ready for it. And that’s why you always have to be working at putting yourself in the right position to welcome love into your life. You have to be going out and meeting more people and exposing yourself to more perspectives. You need to actually put yourself out there and make yourself available. You need to put yourself in positions of vulnerability. You need to make sure that you are making yourself ready for the right person to just come along.


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