Sep 25, 2018

10 Reasons Why You Should Be Sleeping Next To Someone You Love

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10 reasons why sleeping next to someone you love and cuddling with them makes you fall asleep faster, reduces depression, and helps you live longer.

10. One Of THE Best Feelings

sleeping next to someone is one of the closest and most romantic things you can do to your partner. It is more than just mere Intimacy, it is a comforting message, it tells your partner that you are there for them and they are safe with You in your arms, they are warm and they are protected. Studies have shown that couples who cuddle more Often stay happier and have a better life together because they share a whole new level of comfort and love That not even sex can bring.

9. The Facts Are Right There

Studies have shown that couples who tend to cuddle on a daily basis tend to last longer and live an exclusive Life together. Couples who don’t do it are proven to not be exclusive because cuddling is much better than Sex if your partner is only interested in sex and if you ever ask them to just hold you they act weird, it won’t Last long.


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