Feb 4, 2018

14 Signs That Your Relationship Will Last Forever!

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The early stages of every relationship are super fun! Couples enjoy the closeness, the constant communication through texts, SMS and calls, and times when it’s difficult taking your hands off one another.

Every couple wants this romance to last forever. However, making a relationship last is not easy! We rarely know what fate has in store for us.

Statistics show that if two people date for 3 months, then the dating stage will continue for four years. Other statistics show that around 40%-50% marriages end up in divorce. Only 80% married or separated people believed that marriage is supposed to be for life.

However, not all is lost. Experts say that there are signs that your relationship will be just as strong and lasting even when you’re old and frail!

#1 Having fun even when you’re doing nothing

Being comfortable in your daily lives with your partner tells a happy story about your relationship. It means that you don’t feel awkward, agitated or discomfort spending time with your partner without doing any kind of activity.

#2 Fights lead to constructive arguments

Having fights is a part of every relationship. However, it shows when a fight is getting out of hand with lies and blames. If your fights convey feelings and lead to make your relationship better, you are on the right track to something solid.

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