Apr 24, 2017

Things You Should Never say To Your Man.

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When it comes to relationship some things are just better to left unsaid.

Happy relationship is based on good communication but it doesn’t mean you can say anything and everything that comes on your mind. Sometimes wrong communication can ruin all of the things that has been built. Always remember that man are known for their unpredictable ego and anger. So here are those things that you should never tell him no matter what happens.

1. You should be better on bed:

Yes you may have sexual needs but never make him feel like he sucks in bed. He may not be perfect as you want but it doesn’t mean that you say him boldly that you are physically not my type. Be honest with your man and love him whenever it’s required. Always speak with love and don’t criticize him even when speaking the truth so he doesn’t get offended.

There are many other ways to tell him how to be better in bed without hurting his ego. Like show him whatever needs to done.

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