May 6, 2019

Science Reveals That Men Who Marry Plus-Sized Women Are Much Happier

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In that same study, most men lamented that the genuineness and honesty of their wives made it a lot easier for them to stay in love. Fat women tend to be very upfront about who they are and they don’t hide whatever flaws they might think they have. And it’s that kind of self-awareness that makes their men much more content and happier. Another factor that went into play here was the fact that plus-sized women tended to be more likely to have healthy pregnancies. They have wide hips that make it conducive for birthing. And the added weight during pregnancies isn’t really an issue for them since they are used to being generally big people.

And if you’re still curious about the many other reasons as to why plus-sized women tend to make their husbands happier, here they are:

  1. They don’t pressure their husbands into being unreasonably physically fit. They don’t really require big arms and chiseled abs.
  2. They always make it a point to make food a real experience. Having meals with them is always going to be enjoyable.
  3. They can be very easy to please. Even something as simple as preparing a nice snack for them can be enough to lift their moods.
  4. They tend to have a better sense of humor than other couples. Remember that the more laughter there is in a relationship, the happier the environment is going to be. And when there is no shortage of laughter, there is no shortage of love as well.
  5. They are just better huggers; plain and simple. There is so much more warmth and affection in a hug that comes from a plus-sized woman.
  6. Fatter women just tend to be better cooks as well. Men are bound to be happy in the kitchen with the way that their wives wield the spatula.
  7. They’re natural foodies. They’re never going to say no to a nice date at a nice restaurant.
  8. They are natural sweethearts. They know how to be romantic.
  9. They tend to be more confident. They accept the fact that their bodies are like that, and they don’t really have a problem with it. They don’t try to live up to society’s standards and expectations of them.
  10. There is just more of them to love.


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