May 6, 2019

10 Signs That She’s A Keeper

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7. She is always pushing you towards your own personal dreams.

It’s not enough for her that she succeeds as an individual, she also wants you to find success as well. She is also pushing for you to go after your own dreams. She would never serve as a roadblock or a hindrance for you.

8. She challenges you to become a better person.

It’s not enough for her that you remain complacent. She’s a pretty amazing woman herself and so she puts the pressure on you to actually be a better person as well.

9. She isn’t above making apologies.

She is humble enough to acknowledge her faults whenever she screws up. She isn’t afraid of swallowing her pride and apologizing when she has her shortcomings

10. She is very understanding and patient of you.

that’s why she is also very patient and understanding for whenever you have your shortcomings. She knows that no one is perfect and everyone is always a work in progress.


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