May 6, 2019

10 Signs That She’s A Keeper

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2. She never acts fake.

She is always acting like her genuine true self. She never feels like she has to put on an act just to please the people around her. You never have to second-guess her personality or her intentions.

3. She is an avid bookworm.

It’s always a good idea to be dating a bookworm. A person who reads is someone who is open-minded, intelligent, imaginative, and adventurous. You are doing yourself a favor by dating a bookworm.

4. She has survived difficulties in the past.

If she has had to endure a tough and difficult past, then that means she has the strength to endure a tough and difficult future as well. No trials will be too tough for the two of you to handle.

5. She is passionate about at least one thing.

If she can be passionate about something whether it be her job, a hobby, or a certain interest of hers then that means she can be just as equally passionate about you.

6. She is goal-oriented and ambitious.

A goal-oriented person is someone with whom you can build a strong foundation for the future. This is a person with a direction in life. This is a person with the drive to actually find success.

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