Mar 17, 2019

5 Signs He Will Never Cheat

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We’ve all heard the story before. Man grows bored in the relationship, he decides to sneak around behind his woman’s back. He gets caught. The girl throws a fit and gets her heart broken and the relationship is never the same after that. It’s the same old narrative, and we still wonder why it happens to often.

Why do men cheat? Why can’t they just ever be loyal or honest? Why is it so difficult for men to just stay away from infidelity? These are but some of the most pressing relationship questions that no one can give a definitive answer for.

The reason why there are no definitive answers for it is because of the complexity of relationships in general. Each relationship brings with it very specific characteristics and so it can be very difficult to pinpoint and generalize the possible reasons for infidelity. However, one thing is for sure though: infidelity is never healthy for any relationship. A lot of peoples’ feelings get hurt as a result of cheating and there’s just no denying the emotional toll it wreaks on peoples’ lives.

It shouldn’t come to anyone’s surprise that most marriages come to an end once an affair is brought out into the open. That’s why a lot of women are paranoid at the thought that their man would ever cheat on them. That’s why some women have crazy tendencies to be very protective and snoopy on their men. They will act like that crazy girl who wants to read her man’s text messages and emails. You can’t really blame these women knowing how rampant cheating is in relationships these days. It seems like if you’re in a loyal and loving relationship nowadays, you are the rarity; you are the outlier.

So for all the paranoid ladies out there who are worried about their men being unfaithful, this article aims to help put your mind at ease. You shouldn’t have to be constantly worrying about the loyalty of your man. You just have to be on the lookout for some of these signs. If your man happens to exhibit a lot of the things that are about to be listed on here, then he’s probably never going to cheat on you. However, if a lot of the items on this list are nonexistent in your relationship, then perhaps you have a cause for worry.

Here are a few signs that your man is never ever going to cheat on you.

1. He practices pure honesty with you at all times.

He is always honest with you when it comes to both the little things and the important things. He always tells you the truth about his whereabouts. He has no problems with being open and honest about his feelings. He always expresses to you his true opinions.

He doesn’t hesitate when it comes to revealing his true colors because he knows that you love him enough to accept him for his flaws so as long as he remains true to you.

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