Mar 10, 2019

Sometimes The Love Of Your Life Comes After The Mistake Of Your Life

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You are going to meet that person who is going to love you the way that you deserve to be loved; the way that you have always wanted to be loved.


Heartbreak can be a dreadful thing. It can be so difficult having to rise from the emotional abyss that a bad relationship can leave behind in your life. You invest so much of yourself into a relationship only to have everything blow up in your face. You give your heart to another person only to have it crushed and turned into goo. You should have seen the signs early on, but you were foolish as many people are because of love. And you ended up paying the price for your foolishness.  You saw the destructive and toxic behavior early on, but you just chose to ignore it. You didn’t think it was a big deal. You that that you were special and that you would be the one who could change him even though so many others have tried and failed before.


You thought that he would eventually see just how much you love him and he would start treating you better because of it. That day never came, but at the time, you were still incredibly hopeful. You still had the blind optimism of a little child along with the same kind of aloofness. The signs were there for everyone to see. Even your friends started warning you about him, but you would never listen to them. You only listened to your heart and then your heart ended up betraying you in the end. You failed to see all those times when you always had to be the one to text him first, and then he would take hours, sometimes even days to give you a reply.


He was never busy. He just never cared much about your time or feelings to be compelled to give you a prompt response. You failed to see all those times when he called you stupid for making a mistake, and for never letting you forget about it. You failed to see all of those times when he never really gave you the open space that you needed to express yourself honestly and freely. He always wanted silence out of you. You failed to see that all of those times when he was acting nice to you, he was only doing so because he wanted something out of it. You didn’t see him through all of his dishonest and his lies. He never had any intentions of loving you. He never had any plans of giving you the kind of love that you always willingly gave him.

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