Mar 9, 2019

Mother Shares Pictures Of Her Miscarried Child At 14 Weeks

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A miscarriage refers to the loss of a baby before 20 weeks of pregnancy. It mostly occurs due to reasons which are out of control. Loss of a child due to miscarriage cannot be prevented and is very disheartening. Felicia Cash and her husband did not have any child for over 13 years. Being herself a mother of miscarried child was the reason why the couple decided to adopt children. The couple adopted three young girls but surprisingly the day Felish and her husband signed the adoption papers, Felish realized that she was pregnant and was expecting a child. And after eight months, Felish gave birth to her oldest son.


As a high school girl, Felicia always had a crucifixion for the belief that pregnant women shouldn’t be allowed to have an abortion. Felicia took parts in several debate competitions on the topic of abortion. And as she grew up, she took this agony to social media platforms. She shared many pro-life posts on her Facebook account. However, never in her life did Felicia imagine that these issues would hit her in such a peculiar way.



When Felicia was about to give birth to a child the third time, she was blessed with twins. However, she faced many pregnancy troubles. And in just six weeks the couple found that one of their children had died.


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