Mar 5, 2019

10 Things That Men Really Look For In A Girl (But Rarely Ever Find)

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Contrary to popular belief, guys aren’t shallow creatures at all. They aren’t merely mindless zombies who respond to things that only look pretty. There are many things that go into determining whether or not a man is going to be attracted to a woman. He isn’t just looking for a pretty girl he can stare at all of the time. He’s going to want something more if he’s really going to commit himself to being in a long-term relationship with her. So you can’t only be concerned about how you look if you want to win over the heart of a man. You really need to make sure that you give him the total package.

There are plenty of things that guys look for in women – and a lot of them are super rare finds. If you want to stay ahead of the game, then this article is for you. Make sure that a lot of the things listed on here apply to how you go about your romantic life, then you are bound to have lots of good fortune.

1. Let him feel like he can take care of you.

Yes, you are a strong and independent woman who is fully capable of making it in this world on your own. BUT… you need to still make him feel like he can take care of you. A man always wants to pamper the woman he loves. It’s how he’s going to express his affection for you.

2. Give him a bit of a challenge.

He’s not going to want you to take it easy on him. He isn’t going to want you to just fall right into his arms without letting him show you what he’s got. He wants to be able to earn you. He wants to feel like he has to put in the work to be worthy of your love and grace.

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3. Show him your cooking skills.

Do you want to know why the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach? Because when you are able to cook for him, you are showing him that you have what it takes to take care of him. You are showing him that you are someone he can really grow old and get serious with.

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