Feb 10, 2019

If a woman has these 16 Habits, Pursue Her

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15. She Makes Everything Fun:

She may be organized and settled but she loves to have fun with you. Silly tantrums and cute shenanigans keep the relationship alive and active; she makes sure of it. Besides everything serious going on in life, she knows the importance of having light, fun-filled conversations that lift your mood up. It would be a plus point if she has an outgoing disposition but an average woman would know that humor is as important as maturity in love and life.

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16. She Lets You Be You:

There are times when we do not feel like having anybody around, be it our partners or anyone important. She respects that feeling and lets you have a day by yourself where you can zone out and play video games. A ‘no’ for her is enough to understand your situation. Every day in a relationship is not spent hugging and cuddling, there are days when the distance grows and if she waits and tries for it grow shorter patiently, she is the right woman; she is worth pursuing.

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