Feb 10, 2019

If a woman has these 16 Habits, Pursue Her

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11. A Happy Soul:

She ends things on a positive note. Her relations with people who she does not like and has a dramatic past with are still friendly, although not too friendly. What is meant here is that she knows better than to keep talking about people who no longer play a role in her life.

For her, the present is all that matters and the people who stayed are worthy of her attention.

She is not catty towards those who left and those who did wrong. This behavior tells you a lot about a person, in general, even if you are not trying to judge if they are worth pursuing.

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12. Never Talks You Down:

Some women tend to make fun of their men with their girlfriends out of jokes. Even when she is alone and away from you, she cannot possibly talk you down in front of her friends. Your bad habits and every other flaw are kept safe in her and all your secrets are hers to bear.

This has to be the most important habit in the woman you want to spend your life with.

It tells you a great deal about how much you can trust her before letting her in on the bigger parts of your life. When she keeps your secrets safe, it automatically increases your respect for her.

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