Feb 10, 2019

If a woman has these 16 Habits, Pursue Her

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7. Does Her Part In The Bedroom:

Just like being the initiator and financially stable, she should be someone able to show her importance in every aspect of the relationship. You surely do not want to date someone who makes you do all the work and does nothing by herself. Especially in bed, that attitude can be pretty annoying.

On the other hand, someone who plays their part just the right way to make things more exciting is so much more attractive. It not only makes you like more but makes it difficult for you to see any reason to leave them. Sex is not the most important part but it is somewhat important.

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8. Appreciates You:

Instead of telling you what she wished you were like, she appreciates what you are. Your habits, desires, and goals do not bother her but they are all truly supported by her. Having someone around with negative energy, who constantly tells you to get a better life, can be depreciating and unhealthy.

Do make sure she is satisfied by your ways of living because even if she is financially stable and cares for you, her constant nagging will make you regret your decision of pursuing her. Things will then get messy so it is better you take care of it before pursuing her.

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