Feb 10, 2019

If a woman has these 16 Habits, Pursue Her

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5. She Has Her Life Sorted Out:

We all have a little problem or two here and there, it is fine to have a little mess in life but if she has most of it sorted out and is still interested in you, it means she is only, clearly, interested in you because of your personality.

You are not someone she wants to clear her mess but only get through life with. People tend to look for someone so that they can have their help all day all time to get their mess cleaned up and their matters sorted out; that kind of companionship can suck the fun out. She wants you for selfless reasons if she has everything sorted out.

6. She Wants You For Who You Are:

Your money does not interest her because she has enough of her own. She is a person with enough sense and maturity who knows better than to have a person for fulfilling her financial needs. She will have a job of her own and a career which will make it clear that she only wants you for your love, for who you are.

Even if she does not have a job yet, she will have enough insight into her future which will make it clear for you to judge that you are only wanted for your presence. It is necessary that the love two people have for each other is free of all the worldly things.

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