Feb 10, 2019

If a woman has these 16 Habits, Pursue Her

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3. Respectful, No Matter What:

She has a sense of respect for you. Do not think of yourself as a semi-god if she does; do not get boastful and proud. If she respects you, it only means that she loves you in a civil way. If there is a fight and she chooses to keep quiet at the moment so that there is no scene created for the public to see, she cares about the respect and reputation of the both of you.

A real relationship works that way. If it goes the other way around; if she yells and embarrasses you for small matters and does not respect you or the relationship, take a U-turn. 

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4. Has Her Own Life:

Her world does not revolve around finding the right person to date. She has her own life, her friends and family and work are all close to her and make you want to be a part of it all. This is a sign of a self-dependent woman who knows where her priorities lie.

If you pursue a woman who spends most of her time looking for the right guy instead of focusing on where the rest of her life is going, she might get a little too attached to you because of the fear of losing you. And that won’t be pleasant. Find someone who is enough for herself.

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