Feb 10, 2019

8 Signs That Your Man Is Definitely Your Soulmate

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5. The respect that you have for one another is unwavering and unfailing. You ALWAYS make it a point to treat one another with respect because you both know that that is the true bedrock and foundation for any kind of relationship. Yes, you both know that the other would practically take a bullet for you. But you don’t really abuse that. You always see your partner as a human being with needs, feelings, and an individual personality that you need to respect and honor. That’s part of being in an intimate relationship with someone – acknowledging their humanity.

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6. You feel like you are at home whenever the two of you are together. You get a sense of safety and security whenever you are with him. You know that you would never have to worry about getting your heart broken by him because you are confident that you are in good hands. You are so confident in him because he always reassures you of his commitment to both you and the relationship. He is as reliable as ever because he always delivers with his consistency and his effort. That’s why you are always comfortable whenever you are with him. You know that you are always protected by his love.

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