Feb 9, 2019

This Is What You Do When He’s Not Replying To Your Text Messages

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So back to the matter at hand. You’re interested in him and you’ve sent the first text. But he hasn’t replied. What do you do now? Is there substantial cause for you to worry? Should you be panicking at this point? Well, first, take a deep breath. The most destructive thing that you could do at this point is to just assume that everything has gone to hell. Don’t automatically assume that he’s playing games with you or that he’s grown disinterested. Perhaps, he’s just been busy with things at work. Maybe he has a few family issues that are dealing with. Or maybe his phone is broken and he hasn’t been able to check his messages yet.

There are so many possibilities and you shouldn’t automatically assume that the worst-case scenario is true. You never know that the reason he hasn’t replied to you has absolutely nothing to do with you. So the first thing that you need to do in this situation is this:

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1. Nothing.

Just do nothing. As mentioned, you can’t just automatically assume that things are over between the two of you. And it’s going to seem very desperate and needy on your part if you send another text message. So just take a passive approach for now. You already did all you can. You sent the first text message and the ball isn’t in your court anymore.

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