Feb 9, 2019

Here’s The Difference Between Making Love And Having Sex

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4. The entire personality of the act of having sex is different.

When you’re just merely having sex with someone, it can take on a substantially different personality as opposed to actually making love to another person. When you’re just having sex, it can be so easy for you to alter your personality in ways that you know would be more pleasurable to both you and your partner.

But when you’re actually making love, you’re going to be your true and authentic self. You would never feel the need to act in any way other than who you are. You would always be sincere and genuine and you won’t really have any problems with it at all.

5. The amount of presence is different.

When you’re just having sex, then the presence is also going to be different from when you’re actually making love. It’s very easy to get distracted and having one’s attention be diverted once you’re having sex. So many things are running through your mind and it can be hard to keep tabs on all of them.

But when you’re making love, it’s not all that difficult. You can just focus on manifesting that love and you always stay present in that moment.

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