Feb 9, 2019

Aunts Are Really Special And Important, Here Are 9 Reasons Why Aunts play a unique role in a child’s life.

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8. Aunts stay kind even when the children are wrong.

Aunts are generally kinder and more relaxed and would be much more delicate if they have to correct bad behavior. They would seldom shout or fight. They usually listen, talk and explain what is wrong and how to act right.

9. Aunts are happy to have more nephews and nieces.

When a new niece or nephew is born aunts feel even more special. No matter how many they already have, it always feels lovely to have more kids to play with, to teach and to love. The bond between an aunt and her nieces and nephews will always stay strong if they spend valuable time together.

Aunties play such a significant role in their nieces and nephews’ lives, and now it’s clear why! They make our lives happier, funnier, and are always there for us!

It is also important to celebrate the national Aunt and Uncle’s Day on July 26th.

National Aunt and Uncle’s Day gives us the chance to spend time with these precious relatives. It’s a day to tell them why we are so happy to have them in our family. On this day we can celebrate the lessons they’ve taught us and share them with the next generation. That is also a perfect occasion for the whole family to gather together, to look through the old pictures, and revive the memories of the happy days spent together. And of course, it is the perfect time to strengthen your relationship with your aunt and create new memories.

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Do you have nieces and nephews? Do you have an aunt/aunts? How important are they for you?


By: Jay Shetty 

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