Feb 8, 2019

6 Common mistakes that end relationships

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3. Thinking that relationships should be easy

Relationships aren’t easy, they are the hardest to maintain and stabilize for a long period of time. When you want to love someone, be prepared for the world you’re entering, because it’s not an easy one in any sense of the word. Easy relationships end as quickly and as easily as they start off. Real and pure relationships will have a LOT of ups and downs, maybe more downs than ups. True relationships also require a lot of sacrifice and change, change you might not like, so be prepared to change something about yourself when the time comes. Know that relationships are the most beautiful things in the world, likewise, they’re also not a walk in the park.

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4. Thinking that it’s okay to lie “a little”

Lying is wrong, regardless of the details. Your lie may be very small and harmless, but it’s still a lie. And once you let yourself be okay with “lying a little”, you’ll slowly move towards the direction of “lying a lot”. One lie leads to another lie and you’ll soon find yourself in a ruthless web of lies and you have no way to free yourself from that horrible web. So don’t lie, just don’t, the truth may have bad consequences at first but they let you move on without the fear of hiding something and lying about it.

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