Feb 8, 2019

12 Reasons Women Leave Men They Love – What Every Man Needs to Know

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11. Comparing her with others

This one is the most common one of them all, one of the most common reasons why women leave the men they love. It’s when they compare their women with other women (on a serious level), ESPECIALLY when they compare their women with their exes, that’s just a huge NO!

You can’t just compare one person with another person, everyone is different in their our ways and everyone has a unique personality, it is highly unfair towards them if you’re comparing them to someone else (or complain about how they don’t do something like someone else used to do). It’s a major turn off and it also makes the woman feel like she’s not being appreciated for who she is and she’s just put under a microscope and every move of hers is going to be judged and criticized.

12. Ignoring the little things (small efforts)

In my experience, little things matter more than grand gestures when it comes to relationships. Those who pay attention to the little things are the people who will always be happy in life because they don’t have any standard for happiness, they find happiness in the smallest of things and in the smallest of efforts.

Those who only pay attention when it’s something big, are the people who won’t always be happy in life because they won’t always get grand gestures and materialistic things in life. Learn to appreciate the smallest of efforts and make your women feel appreciated.

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