Feb 8, 2019

12 Reasons Women Leave Men They Love – What Every Man Needs to Know

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9. Trying to change her

Remember, you love her for the person she IS, not the person you want her to be. We all should be loved for who we are, it’s what we deserve. You shouldn’t be with someone who’s on a constant move to change each and every thing about you. If you stick with such a person, you will slowly drift away from the person you once were and won’t be able to recognise your own self once they’re done with you.

If you try to change your woman, you’re not in love with her, you’re just in love with some idea of her and her being the way you want her to be. People don’t fall in love with the goal in mind to change the people they love, love is transparent and requires no change. If you actually love someone, you love them for who they are and not what you can make them into. That sort of selfish love only leads to fights, arguments, regrets and eventually, breakups.

10. Not giving her enough time

I’ve said this in a multiple number of articles that time is one of the most priceless gifts you can give to someone you love. When you spend time with someone, you tell them that they’re important to you and their company means a lot to you. People who tend to be “too busy” often end up alone but still stay busy. Don’t be the person who doesn’t have enough time to spend with his wife/girlfriend. If you’re very busy for a few days because of business, she will understand. But if you just develop a habit of not spending time with her and labelling it as “I’m just very busy with everything right now”,

she is going to see right through you and the thought that “my man doesn’t have any time for me” is going to hurt her beyond measure. I’m a busy person, I have a private business and I also have a very intense social life. But I ALWAYS spend plenty of time with my girlfriend so that she never feels alone. Whenever she’s sad, I’m there to support her. When she’s happy, I’m right there to share that happiness with her. Do not give off too much of an “I’m too busy for you” vibe or you will soon be filled with a loneliness and no one to talk to.

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