Feb 8, 2019

12 Reasons Women Leave Men They Love – What Every Man Needs to Know

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5. Insecurities

Insecurities act like slow-acting-poison and slowly kill any relationship from the inside. When a person is insecure, they project a certain negative vibe towards others. Insecurity doesn’t go a long way and it can only make you lose people. When a woman feels like her man is insecure, it’s a huge turn off. A man should have faith and trust in her woman, he shouldn’t be snooping around and he shouldn’t be asking her a million questions everyday.

If you’re THIS insecure with the person you love, it just means that you don’t really love them, love comes with trust and trust kills insecurities. Learn to trust your partners! I, too, used to be an insecure person and it caused me nothing but hurt throughout my relationship. I was immature and my immaturity made me insecure with every little thing my partnerВ did, and that drove them away from me.

6. Too many lies

Everyone lies every once in a while. Is it okay to lie? Well, no, not at all. It’s not acceptable to lie to the person you love, your relationship is built on the trust you have between the two of you and you’re just throwing it out of the window by lying to your partner. One way or the other, they will eventually find out that you lied and that’ll be the end of your relationship (or at least, the trust they had for you will never be the same).

When you lie to someone once, you’ll lie to them again. I’ve dealt with people who had a habit of lying and hiding things. They aren’t in my life anymore because you just can’t trust a liar. If you don’t want to drive your woman away from you, don’t hide things and don’t be a liar. Speaking the truth may hurt them or you, but it won’t be filled with a lot of guilt and a lot of smaller lies to support that first lie. Speak truthfully and be honest!

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