Feb 8, 2019

12 Reasons Women Leave Men They Love – What Every Man Needs to Know

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3. Physical Intimacy is veryВ important

Women need just as much physical intimacy as men. If you stop making sexual advances or are not taking care of her needs, she is probably going to think that there is someone else who is taking care of your desires for you. She is probably going to feel unwanted and worthless which will be very damaging for your relationship. Being physically intimate says a lot of things without the usage of words. Yes, not everyone who gets laid is in love, but love is the number one reason people have sex.

If you care about your partner and their needs in bed, they will have an assurance that your relationship is something worth holding on to and there is some spark left between you two. And I’m not talking about lust here. Lust can only survive for a while, love stays forever. You can only feel lust for someone for so long, and then it will go away and you won’t be attracted to them anymore. When you love someone, you are more attracted towards them, naturally.

4. Selfishness takes over

You are more invested into activities that please you, the less time you give her, the more distorted she starts to feel about the relationship. We women want to be a priority, we don’t want to be treated as a convenience. If you want to be left alone, she will show resistance to a certain extent, after that she will seriously consider that you should be left alone for good. There is no “I” in a relationship. Remember, a relationship is an amalgamation of things, connected to one another, giving you both reasons to hold on to one another. If these connections don’t exist anymore, your lady will no longer feel inclined to stay by your side.

The biggest thing a woman needs is assurance and security. If your aren’t fulfilling your promises and not putting effort into your relationship, it will pull her apart bit by bit, to a point where she wouldn’t want to commit anymore and will probably look around for a new romance. A woman, unlike girls, doesn’t believe in fairy tales. She is a practical person and even though she would be very much in love with you, she would run out of reasons to hold on and when she does, she will walk away.

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