Feb 5, 2019

This Is How You Lose Her Even If She Loves You With All Her Heart

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You know that this girl is still out there. You know deep in your heart that she is still loving you with all of your heart. But you might not know is that she isn’t ALWAYS going to be there. She’s not going to stay if you continue to treat her the way that you have. This is how you will lose her even if she happens to love you with all of her heart.

You just don’t send her those texts in the morning anymore so that she has something nice to wake up to. She goes to sleep at night by herself no longer hoping for a “good night” text message from you.

She no longer anticipates random phone calls from you late at night asking about how her day went or how she’s feeling. She has just plainly stopped expecting you to do any of these things because you have stopped giving her a reason to do so.

You have stopped making her feel like a priority in life. You have stopped making her feel like she’s the most important girl in your world. At this point, she just always feels like she’s constantly being taken for granted. At this point, she’s always feeling dejected, undervalued, and underappreciated.

But you shouldn’t take her tolerance to mean that she’s going to stick around forever. If you continue to treat her this way, you’re going to lose her. And you will realize just how great you have it with her right now.



When you have free time, do you ever think about her? When you get a chance to get away from the office for a bit, do you give her a phone call to let her know that you’re thinking about her? She is waiting for you to get in touch with her but do you make an effort to do so? How many days do you think she’s going to allow herself to go on like this? She doesn’t want to make it seem like she is demanding all of your time.

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