Feb 5, 2019

Knowing these 9 facts might save your life in one day.

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Sometimes life makes us fall in some unexpected situations that make us confused and we had no idea what to do. Here are some important facts that will be helpful in dealing with those type of situation.

1. Snake:

Here are the signs that might help you to know a poisonous snake. Though it is always better to stay away from snake you never know anything can happen at any time. The abdominal side of the tail is covered with non-bifurcated scales. The divide between the head and the neck is very distinct if viewed from above. Only an expert can confirm whether a snake is dangerous or not. But in plenty of cases, it is really helpful.

2. Always carry anti-allergy pills:

You never know when an allergic reaction might happen. Make sure to have anti-allergy drugs at purse this could be useful in helping yourself or others.

3. Don’t use mobile phone while walking:

Using cell phone can cause you to lose track of your surroundings, becoming blind to any possible dangers like a speeding car that might suddenly come on your way.

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