Feb 5, 2019

14 Signs He’s Using You And You Don’t Even Know It

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Ladies, watch out for these signs!

One of the most important things that women look for in a man is sincerity. A woman always wants a man who is genuine in his intents to love her. No woman ever wants to date a man who is selfish and only gets into a relationship thinking only of himself. Generosity, thoughtfulness, empathy, and sensitivity are all important personality traits that men need to have in order to make their women happy.

However, some women will be unlucky enough to get into relationships with men who will not prioritize them. They will be too blinded by love, they are willing to get emotionally abused by a man who wouldn’t even think about her. So how do you know you’re not being blinded by your love? How do you know that you’re not dating a man who is just using you for his own personal pleasures? There are some red flags that could help you out. Here are 14 signals that your man is just plain selfish and doesn’t ever think about you:

1. He refuses to engage in talk about commitment.

If he doesn’t like discussing commitment with you, then he’s probably using you for his own personal pleasures. He doesn’t really care about you because he’s not really invested in this relationship. You’re practically expendable in his eyes.

2. Your friends tell you that he’s not being genuine.

Sometimes, the best perspective on your relationship is one that comes from the outside. Your irrational love could be blinding you to the truth, and your friends need to be honest with you when this happens. If they’re telling you that he’s no good, then maybe you should heed their advice.

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