Jan 29, 2019

If Your Girl Does One of These 15 Things, Do Not Let Her Go

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14. If She Empowers You:

Fear is an illusion, at its best. It is used to control you. However, if you are lucky enough to have a girl by your side who makes you fall out of this illusion and teaches you to face your fears, then she is meant to be held on to, always. You only ever meet those who want to control you, make you fearful and get to your weak spots. So if your girl makes you see the fear you drown into is nothing but an illusion then you win the battle; you might as well have her by your side to feast in the victory “ don’t let her go. Such a partner can be your greatest source of empowerment in the long run of things to come.

All of life is a battle. You need strategies to win it. Having a good partner by your side will ease things for you: when you see her determined, you will want to be determined too; when you see her hopeful, you will find hope; when you see her fall then get back up again, you will want to keep going forward. Both of you will be growing as individuals in your relationship. You should really hold on to a girl like that.

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15. If She Shelters You From Every Storm:

Last but not the least, having a girl who offers you a home, a shelter from all the worries of life; all the turmoil and disappointments you can do without and basically everything in between¦don’t ever let her go. We all need a home, somewhere to belong to. Sometimes, that home can be found in a person too.

It can be found in the heart of the one who loves you unconditionally, without wax; in the eyes of a girl who looks at the door each night waiting for you to return home safely; in the words of the one who never cheats on you. So do not let her go.

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So do you have someone like this in your life? Does she treat you like you’re the most important person in the world to her? Share your thoughts with me in the comments down below!

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