Jan 29, 2019

If Your Girl Does One of These 15 Things, Do Not Let Her Go

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12. If She Respects Your Family:

Take your girl to lunch sometime with your family. By the end of it, if she gets a good laugh around the table, both your parents like her, your siblings enjoy her company, then seriously, she is a precious one and you really ought to stick to her. These days, when many families have their own highly select choices in partners, liking other family members’ choices in dating can be time consuming and is often unpredictable.

You never know if your family will just ignore the fact that your girl doesn’t mind the ketchup stains on your shirt or likes to do laundry in the middle of the night. Therefore, if she plays the family card right and everyone at home ends up liking her genuinely, keep her.

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13. If She Has An Elastic Heart:

Girls are sensitive, naturally. They take a while to heal, but they do. Still, if your girl takes all the spiteful words you throw at her patiently instead of getting into action too and slamming the door and leaving, she is worth keeping. It shows multiple sides of a strong character in her: patience, understanding, a forgiving nature, compassion and the list goes on.

You will say things to her you as well as she knows you don’t mean. And despite that, if she sits there patiently waiting for the common sense fairy to smack you in the back of the head, she has an elastic heart and anything negative you say and do won’t cause her to break¦ no matter how sharp your blade is.

In other terms, when a girl does not let her inborn soft nature get in the way of your relationship’s objectivity, do not let her go. She will not let you see it, but her patience level is the size of a threshold. That deserves to be valued in every sense of the word.

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