Jan 26, 2019

9 Signs She’s In Love With You But Is Too Afraid

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Girls can be really weird and mysterious. They can be very hard to figure out and the struggle can be real for a lot of men in this world – most especially the less experienced ones in the field of love. There are just some instances wherein girls will not be comfortable with sharing their feelings and opening up about their emotions. Some women are just afraid to talk to guys because the uncertainty is too much for them. Girls really don’t want to be attaching themselves to guys only to have their hearts broken eventually in the long run.


For a lot of girls, actually saying “I love you” to a man can be the most difficult and most intimidating thing to do. And that’s totally understandable. The word in itself just carries such a heavyweight. Love doesn’t just show up in an instant after all. It’s not something that you can just manifest out of thin air. It’s not something that you can form in a matter of a few dates. Love is really something that is built over time.


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And so, you have to be patient with her. Just because she hasn’t said she loves you doesn’t mean that she doesn’t. If you want to have some piece of mind, then just read this article. If you find that a lot of the things listed on here actually apply to her, then there is a good chance that this girl is in love with you.


1. She always responds to your texts fairly quickly.

Whenever you text her, she doesn’t wait for days before she texts you back. She doesn’t make you sweat. She doesn’t try to play hard to get with you. if she’s not busy, then she’s going to try to reply to you as quickly as she can. She just loves talking to you.


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