Jan 12, 2019

If You’ve Received These 10 Texts, Then You Know You’ve Got An Amazing Boyfriend

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Don’t underestimate the value of texting especially in modern relationships. There’s no denying the impact of social media and communications technology these days. It’s making it so much easier for people to just stay in constant communication with one another despite time and distance. So it’s very normal for a lot of couples to rely on texting to have strong communication games. Not everyone can be together 24/7 (and it wouldn’t be right for that to be the case either).

But distance no longer has to play such a big roadblock in having couples stay connected with one another. How your partner communicates with you says a lot about how he feels about you and the relationship. And so it’s okay for you to scrutinize the way that he texts you; because ultimately, the stuff that comes out of his mouth (or in this case, the stuff he types out with his fingers) come straight from the heart.

He says what he feels. And you are going to be able to tell just how lucky (or unlucky) you are to have such a guy. If you notice that your guy texts you a lot of these 11 things, then you know that you have a unicorn boyfriend and you have to fight like hell to keep him in your life.

1.“Good morning, pretty lady.”

Whenever he wakes up in the morning, you’re the first thing that’s on his mind. It’s always great to know that you are someone’s first thought right when they wake up. It’s also a great feeling to wake up to a text message that reminds you that you are loved and valued.

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