Nov 5, 2018

7 Signs Your Current Relationship Has No Future

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5. One-sided Relationship

Not all relationships start one-sided, but most end this way. A successful relationship requires both the partners to give and take. When one partner does more or takes more, that’s when the conflict starts.

As a relationship requires an equal amount of effort and put in by both parties. In order to make a relationship successful, you both need to sacrifice. If one partner cares too much and the other one fails to meet them half way, it’s a sign that the relationship is on the verge of a collapse.

6. Lack of trust in a relationship

Trust is the most important aspect of a relationship. If you can’t completely trust your partner, are always checking their phone calls and messages and always suspect that the person is cheating on you, then you need to ask yourself ˜What are you doing with the person?

Even if you choose to stay in a relationship and try to push forward with all your insecurities, it’s futile, if you can’t bring yourself to trust them.

7. When motivation to work on the relationship is gone

When you and your partner are not willing to sort out your differences, then maybe it’s time to say goodbye. You can’t put life in a relationship that’s long dead. The spark is gone, and you actually dread the time you have to spend with your partner.

Some people are afraid of ending a relationship as they feel guilty to hurt the other person’s feelings, or they fear they would end up being lonely. But a little advice: staying lonely is better than staying in a dead relationship.

Remember talk to your partner about how you feel, try to make it work one last time before you decide to let go. Love is beautiful and there is no shame in working on a dead relationship, if you really love a person, but make sure they know how you feel. Best of luck!



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