Oct 30, 2018

Someday, You’ll Change Someone’s Life Because You’ll Be The Best Thing To Ever Happen To Them

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Someday, you are going to meet someone, and you’re going to be that person’s reason for staying. You will be all the motivation and incentive that that person needs to just stay put and not walk away. You are going to be the reason why this person will want to plant their roots and just settle down with their life. You are going to be what they consider to be home and wherever you are is where their heart and treasure will also be. They find a sense of comfort and security in you because that is the kind of vibe that you always manage to give off to them. In their eyes, you are going to be able to rise above the rest. You will be so much better than everyone else. You will be special just because of who you are and how you impact their life. You are going to be this person’s living embodiment of a fairytale dream come true.

Someday, you are going to walk into someone’s life and you’re going to be the best part of it. You are going to shake someone’s world up for the better. You are going to meet someone, and they will know what it feels like to feel genuine fear a fear of loss. You will meet someone who will want to protect you from everything because they will consider you to be all that they really need in life.

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