Oct 3, 2018

11 Signs Your Man Is Giving Up On Your Relationship

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3. He criticizes you just to hurt you.

Criticism is fine in a relationship. There should always be room for criticism in a romance. However, it should be done with sensitivity, empathy, and love. But you notice that when he criticizes you, it’s only done to hurt you.

4. He doesn’t make you feel like he pays attention to you.

You always used to get the feeling like he was listening to you whenever you wanted to tell him something. But now, he makes you feel like whatever you say goes in through one ear and it goes right out through the other.

5. He doesn’t express his love for you anymore.

The I love you expressions were always frequent and constant in the past. But nowadays, it’s just like he doesn’t even care about letting you know how he feels anymore whether through words or actions.

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