Aug 17, 2018

How To Save Your Marriage When You’re In Love With Another Man

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You’ve been unfaithful to your husband. You have engaged in less-than-perfect acts of infidelity and you’re feeling torn up about it. You know that you are in the wrong because you still want to try to make your marriage work; but you’ve made everything just too complicated. You’ve opened yourself up to falling in love with someone else. You’re completely smitten by another man and yet you’re desperate to try to make things work with the man you’re already married to. You’re torn apart. Your breaking yourself from the inside and you don’t know what to. You feel completely lost and helpless to the situation that you have somehow put yourself in.

You are so sick and tired of thinking that the world is going to judge and blame you alone; to make you feel like a complete piece of crap. At the end of the day, you’re human. You have your own personal urges and you are bound to give in to them every once in a while. You’re imperfect; and you have a few stumbles here and there. It’s part of being human, after all. You want to be happy; and sometimes, being happy means making the wrong choice every now and then. Like all other people in this world, you crave for emotional connections; and you look for these emotional connections wherever you can find them. You want to feel wanted.

You need to feel needed. You crave for the feelings of being desired and pursued. You want someone to put in the effort; to actually earn your company and your affection. And somehow, you found all of these things in another man; and it has put your marriage in jeopardy. You fell in love with someone else; and the worst part is that your husband found out about it. You realize that you are in the wrong. You realize that you are the reason your marriage is in jeopardy; and you need to do something quick before you lose your marriage completely. You know that you want to make your marriage work; but it seems like all of your efforts are futile at this point.

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