Aug 12, 2018

Girls Who Stay Single For Large Periods Of Time End Up The Happiest

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Maybe they are not accustomed to being someone’s ‘girlfriend.’ Maybe they were single their whole life. Maybe they have an ex who abandoned them, and nothing turned serious after him. Or, maybe they just need a break from the dating world because they got overwhelmed.

These girls who remain single for large gaps of time end up the happiest. And here’s why.

They end up the happiest because they are comfortable with who they are and their solitude. They can spend a night alone and not get lonely. They can have a lunch at a restaurant or go shopping by themselves without feeling awkward or uncomfortable that they don’t have company. Actually, they love being alone and taking themselves on dates.

They end up the happiest because they have all the time in the world to act selfish and focus on themselves and their goals. They know what they want and what is important to them, so they go for it. They are the go-getters of the world – both devoted and passionate.

They end up the happiest because for them love is not the sole center of the universe. Their purpose in life has nothing to do with finding a boyfriend. They don’t chase after guys – they chase after their dreams and the future they are striving to build for themselves.

Girls who are single for large periods of time get used to living their single life (and enjoying it!). The idea that they may never get married doesn’t scare them. They enjoy living alone. The silence is not deafening but inspiring.

And when they do meet someone and decide to be in a relationship, it is going to be someone who will challenge them and push them forward. Someone who has her back while encouraging her to go and conquer the world. Someone who is proud and happy for her success. Someone who finds it appealing that she doesn’t sacrifice herself and her plans for him.

Because these girls are strong individuals. They never lose themselves in the process of loving someone. They won’t ever minimize their morals, hopes, or dreams to match those of their partner’s.

These girls end up the happiest because they are looking for someone to add even more happiness and joy in their life than they already have. Someone to make her feel even more loved and stronger than she is. Someone who is fulfilled and happy on his own.

And this kind of relationship, I think, is the kind of relationship that is worth the wait!


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