Aug 6, 2018

If He Truly Wants You, He Will Pursue You

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You can come up with a million reasons and excuses to justify his lack of enthusiasm to actually pursue you as a potential love interest – but at the end of the day, even valid reasons and excuses won’t matter to the guy who genuinely wants to be with you. You have to understand that if a man really wants to be with you, then nothing is going to stop him from doing so. The only person who would be able to hold him back from pursuing you would be you. He wouldn’t be letting any other reason or condition dictate how things are going to turn out between the two of you. Know that he isn’t shy about being with you. You’re not scaring him away. It’s just that he doesn’t like you enough to actually make an effort with you; to actually keep things interesting between you.

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Distance won’t really be an issue for a man who is in love. You can be on the other side of the world, and even that wouldn’t be able to stop him from manifesting his love for you. You could be living right next door to him, and if he doesn’t love you, he isn’t even going to budge a finger for you. That’s how love works. It knows no limits. It acknowledges no hindrances. It doesn’t crumble in the face of any hurdle. It doesn’t pull back in the face of adversity. Love is always going to find a way to power through – only if it’s the real kind of love.

Remember that traditionally, a man is going to be the one who wants to initiate a relationship. A man is usually the one who will want to establish control of the situation by actually taking the initiative. That’s what most men believe to be an inherent aspect of their masculinity; being able to take on the challenge of winning a girl’s heart. A man is always going to be excited at the thrill of the chase. A man is always going to love the whole journey and pursuit. When a real man sees someone he truly wants to be with, he’s going to do whatever it takes to be with that person. And so if you find that a guy that you like just isn’t putting in the effort with you, then it’s probably because he just doesn’t like you enough to do so.

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