Aug 5, 2018

Women Who Stay Single Longer End Up Being The Happiest

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Ladies, this one’s for you!


Perhaps it’s possible that they’ve essentially been single for all of their adult life because they just aren’t comfortable with being labeled as someone’s girlfriend yet. Maybe they’re just not ready for it. Perhaps they haven’t really explored the dating scene much because the few times that they actually went out on a date, nothing serious ever really grew out of them. Perhaps they decided to just take a break from all of the pressure that comes with dating and with relationships as a whole. Perhaps they just wanted to take the time that the needed to find themselves and perhaps that’s what was best for them at the time.

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Regardless of their motivations, their circumstances, or their approaches, the women who stay single for longer end up being the happiest. They are the ones who become the happiest because they are the ones who learn to really love themselves. They are the ones who grow to learn and understand that there is beauty and solace to be found within solitude. They are those who understand that happiness doesn’t always have to be found in another person. They are the ones who are fine with having an entire bed all to themselves at night while they sleep. They are the ones who are able to perform all of their chores and errands on their own without complaint.

They are the ones who don’t have to fear being alone because they know that they can take care of themselves really well. They are perfectly fine walking down the streets on their own because they don’t need anyone else to help them get to their desired destinations. They don’t fear the solitude. They embrace it. They thrive in it. They are the ones who become the happiest because they really make the time to build themselves as individuals. They are the ones who don’t have to worry about being selfish. They are the ones who get to devote all of their time and attention to their own personal lives and they can do so shamelessly and guiltlessly.



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