Jul 28, 2018

7 Text Messages You Should Never Send To Your Man If You Want To Keep Him In Your Life

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There’s no denying the value of texting in the modern era – especially when it comes to modern dating. Because of the prominence of smart phones, you are now granted the ability to instantly communicate with your significant other regardless of how far you might be. But remember that old cliché: with great power comes great responsibility. Just because you have the power to be texting your partner at all times doesn’t mean that you should. And in those moments that you do text him, you always want to make sure that you stay judicious. You don’t want to be texting him recklessly. You want to be calculated.

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Yes, you always want to be able to speak your mind in your relationship; and that’s true. That’s healthy. However, that doesn’t mean that you can just recklessly spurt things out without thinking of how your words are going to impact your relationship. You want to make sure that you are still maintaining your tact, grace, and poise. That rings true for both real-life conversations and text messages. There are just certain text messages that you want to make sure that you don’t send to your man. Otherwise, you’re going to drive him further and further away from you.

Texting should be a tool that you use to get closer to one another. But if you use it wrong, you risk missing out on having a happy and healthy relationship with him. And if you feel like you’re not that good of a texter, don’t worry. That’s what this article is for. Here are a few examples of text messages you should never send to your man if you want to keep him in your life.


1. Nags and complaints.

Not only when you’re texting, but keep in mind to keep the nagging and complaining to a minimum. In general, guys really hate it when you do that. Try to be a problem solver instead of someone who just passively complains about every bad things that’s going on. Be his partner. Work together as you try to jump over the hurdles of your relationship. You don’t want to be nagging and nagging too much without talking about what you can do to remedy your situation.

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