Apr 18, 2018

11 Things Everyone Who Likes Sleeping Naked Needs to Know

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The survey shows that only 30% of us sleep naked and the rest prefer to stay in their underwear or buy comfortable pajamas. But what is better for our health is up for debate. Some state that sleeping in the buff has more health benefits than we could suspect. And others note that it is not for everyone.

A lot of people choose to get rid of their sleepwear simply because they find it more comfortable. But sleeping naked has science-based pros and cons you probably don’t know about. we gathered some important facts about sleeping au naturel.

1. It helps you get deeper sleep.

Scientists from the University of Amsterdam found that lowering your skin temperature increases the shut-eye quality and reduces the number of times you wake up during the night. Sleeping naked is a good way to lower your skin temperature without changing the temperature of your bedroom.

2. It can help you lose weight.

Unfortunately, we can’t get skinnier just by sleeping, but in combination with a diet and regular exercise, proper sleep can help lose a little weight. According to the researchers affiliated with the National Institutes of Health, sleeping in lower temperatures boosts the metabolism and prevents diabetes progression.

In addition, the level of cortisol, the stress hormone, also plays a role here. While we sleep overheated, our cortisol levels stay high. This, in turn, can lead to weight gain, increased anxiety, and even a desire for junk food.

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