Apr 7, 2018

9 Types Of Couples – Which One Defines You?

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Couples are the blessings of God. Every couple is unique. They are special to everyone. Their passion for each other, the way they sort out things, how they behave in public, their intimate relationship, their approach towards arguments, their way of expressing love for each other.

Here are some type of typical couple. See which one is yours. You must be familiar with most of these couple types. Have a look in this. Sure you must see your types.

1. Long Distant Couple :

This types of couples are the special one. They loved each other but can’t meet each other everyday. This couple is seldom seen together. One of them lives far but they are still maintaining their status as a couple. They can’t spend time together. Its very difficult for them. They can’t invite their partners in event like parties, get together but still they try to manage it.

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