Feb 9, 2018

What your sleeping position says about your personality.

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Here is a simple test that can reveal a lot about who you are. It’s really very easy. If you want to get some exclusive insight into someone’s true personality, all you have to do is watch them sleep. Observe some pictures below and find the position that you think you sleep most of the time.

1. The fetal position:

It is one of the common position for sleepers. It is defined by a person who sleeps on their side with their legs curled up. It looks like an uncomfortable position to some but it is comfortable position for many sleepers. On the inside they are very shy and sensitive.

2. The log position:

It is a funny position, this sleeping position has people lying on their sides as well, but with their legs straight and arms by their sides. Log sleepers are very social who love to engage with all kinds of individuals. They are very trusting.

3. The Freefaller:

Freefall sleepers enjoy sleeping on their stomach, with their head turned to the side and hands near their pillow. Freefall sleepers are very free personality types. They are secretly nervous in inside and have an over-sensitivity to criticism.

4. The Yearner:

This position is where you sleep on your side, it is  a very common sleeping style for many. These type of people love inviting people and they are also very slow at making decision, but once their mind it made up about something they stick to it.

5. Pillow Hugger:

People who are pillow huggers love to get snug and cuddled in bed, they hold high value to the close, personal bonds in their life.

6. The Snorer:

Okay! this is not sleep position, but whether you snore or not can reveal something about you. People who snore, have extreme emotions, which obvious in aggression or depression. Snorers are known for their passion and their ability to live each moment to its fullest.


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