Feb 9, 2018

Top 5 Reasons Why Men Cheat

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Men cheat, men have been known to be unfaithful in relationships more than women, and women always wonder why. It isn’t possible that so many men coincidentally take to infidelity, there must be some sort of reasons behind it. We’ve made a list of some of the common reasons that men have for cheating on the ones they love. Here are those:

1. They are bored of this relationship:

Men often claim that they are bored in the relationship that they are in, and it feels like a routine that they follow. But instead of fixing the relationship and trying to bring the spark back, they look for others who can give them that spark or some kind of thrill.

2. Relationship problems:

If the relationship isn’t going well men cheat without a second thought and there are frequent fights between a man and his partner if he is unhappy, he tends to look for happiness in other places. Often, this ‘other place’ is another woman. He tries to forget about his unhappy relationship and the issues in his mind by finding some sort of parallel support or relief.

3. They feel neglected:

Sometimes men cheat on their partners because they feel like they are neglected in the relationship and don’t feel as important as they think they should. They look for someone else who makes them feel important, even if it is just a temporary thing, for momentary satisfaction.

4. Family problems:

Although this applies for both genders, it is a common psychological pattern to cheat if you have witnessed it or have been aware of it in your family, as a child. What we see as children makes us who we are, and thus, those who have witnessed unfaithful behavior within their family find it natural to resort to infidelity, sometimes.

5. Wants to breakup:

If a man isn’t happy in his relationship, and is looking for ways to get out of it, he might deliberately resort to cheating, as he’s sure that his partner wouldn’t continue to be with him if he does. This is definitely an extreme measure, but it is prevalent.

Although there could be more reasons, and sometimes there is no explanation for being unfaithful, these are the common reasons stated for men cheating on their partners.


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