Feb 9, 2018

6 Secret ideas to please your boyfriend.

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When it matters to relationship, woman show their charm. Normally guys are pretty easy to please. You just need to make him want you and desire for you no matter where he is.

Wondering how to please your man in bed or other places? Try these interesting, sexy, flirty tips on pleasing and make him desire for you.

1. Dress up:

Keep your getup perfect. At night dress well in bed all the time, and not just on the nights when you decide to have $ex. Wear flimsy, soft nightwear that flows over your body. Guys are visual so get fit and look sexy. It increases attraction.

2. Laugh at his jokes:

Men love cracking funny and weird jokes just to see you laugh. You look your best when you’re laughing. No wonder men do their best effort just to see you smiling.

3. Tease him:

Play video games with him. Have fun and enjoy all the time. Don’t restrict your fun and games only in the bedroom. Do it everywhere and enjoy your relation. But don’t do any kind of stupid thing in front of other people. They may laugh at you and your boyfriend might get angry.

4. Appreciate him on bed:

Explore $ex and get creative on bed. Try new things with each other every now and then. You should be more expressive about likes and dislikes on bed. And don’t forget to appreciate him as they need to know what you’re liking or not.

5. Wore his clothes:

It is the cutest thing ever when girlfriend wore her boyfriend’s cloth. Woman look plain adorable in over sized t-shirts. Men love it as they think you belongs to him.

6. Sleeping:

Guys love to see their girl sleeping it’s not creepy or weird but it’s so sweet and adorable. Girls look more innocent when they are sleeping and boyfriend loves this side. So let him stare you. It will increases love.

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