Feb 9, 2018

5 Ways To Make Him Miss You

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Boys are over protective for their girls. They love to stay with them and want to spend time with them. If they are ignoring you and you don’t feel it good then teach them a lesson. Make him miss you. When they will miss you and want to talk with you. Then don’t give them an opportunity. It’s high time you’ve been dealing with the drama and now, he needs to treat his girlfriend damn right. Here are the ways to make him miss you :

1. Have Your Own Life:

Don’t talk to him or don’t listen to him. Just do whatever you want to do in your life. Just realize him that how important you are to him. Don’t live his live just create your one and lead it in your own way. It will feel him how important you are to them.

2. Ignore Him:

Just don’t care about what he thinks. Ignore him every time. Don’t give them time and don’t talk to them. Make sure that they don’t understand it that you are acting like this. Make it real. And feel them you are ignoring them.

3. Stop Text Him Constantly: 

If you are sending message to your boyfriend then they think that you loved them a lot. You miss them then they are staring to ignore you. If you stop sending message to your boyfriend they will think about it. They will think that what happened to you? When you aren’t texting them. Then he will miss you like a hell.

4. Don’t Reply His Messages:

If you text him back firstly and they see that, they thinks that you loved him a lot. So, he starts to ignore you. And if you don’t reply his texts, they will think you are sick or something else. Don’t give him a chance to feel that you are acting with him.

5. Don’t Accept Last Minute Plans:

If they are saying that they want to go somewhere with you , you need to reply them “NO”. Its the best answer. Feel them like you are ignoring them. You don’t care about them. Don’t accept their last minute plans. Its the worst thing ever. Don’t accept their proposals.


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